Children above 15 years of age are absorbed in VTC wherein they are imparted job oriented training.

The projects covered under VTC are meant for adolescents adults with special abilities and are expected to achieve the objective, of moving the special children towards economic independence. While selecting the trades and beneficiaries, care is taken to access the potential viability of marketing the skills acquired thus.

So far 45 students have been rehabilitated from the school and they are placed in vehicle service stations, automobile service centers, workshops, schools etc. They have landed up as helpers in small scale industries, school attendants, packers etc. The performance of the most of these students has been highly appreciated by their employers.

Vocational rehabilitation program is totally dependent on the existence of effective vocational education program.

Vocational rehabilitation means that part of the continuous and co – ordinate process of rehabilitation which involves.

  • Guidance
  • Vocational training and
  • Selecting placement

It is designed to enable a disabled person to secure and retain suitable employ.

  • To evaluate the disabled persons to unfold their full potentials.
  • To ascertain the medical, psychosocial and vocational needs of the persons with disabilities for mainstreaming them into the community successfully.
  • To assist the disabled to develop rehabilitation plans depending on their specific needs and to assist on through government and non Government Organizations for rehabilitation services.
  • To demonstrates the abilities of the disabled successfully on competitive vocations utilizing their residual functional abilities.
  • To provide guidance and counseling services for training, job, and self employment. Selective placement of the disabled suited to their residual capacities.
  • Identification of jobs suited to the disabled.
  • To organize, seminars and workshops for orientation and training for rehabilitation professionals.
  • To provide career and vocational guidance to the disabled.
  • One year general vocational training is being given to persons with mild mental retardation in basic skills like,
  • Cutting, folding, pasting.
  • Sorting & Packing
  • Picking cleaning, Weighing & Packing
  • Booming, Dusting, Mopping & Cleaning

Training for work Readiness:

Focus on Areas such as:

  • The ability to communicate
  • To be Punctual
  • To attend regularly a learning / Work situation
  • To Maintain tidiness at work
  • To receive and Carryout Instructions
  • To be cooperative and to perform in a group
  • To concentrate on work for long durations in a specific area
  • To respond to reinforcement
  • To realize benefits accrued from monetary gains

Work Realted Skills:

  • Realizes that he can earn
  • Reaches in time to attend work
  • Calculates the money upto 10 rupees
  • Uses pocket money for personal needs.
  • Awareness of banking services
  • Road safety
  • Behaves properly in public Places.
  • Reads own address,
  • Writes Letters to Parents/ Friends.
  • Writes own address.

Work Skills Necessary For Vocational Placement:

  • Punctuality
  • Relationship with peers
  • Relationship with Staff management of stress on different tasks
  • Physical ability to do the tasks
  • Acquisition of training
  • Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Ability to communicate
  • Ability to withstand fatigue

Vidivelli is a leader in providing vocational training to the mentally challenged children. Students are imparted vocational training in.

  • Making of Greeting Card
  • Preparation of the Garland
  • Maki4ng of Muffler
  • Phone Mate
  • Pencil Doll
  • Fur cloth Purse
  • Making of Jammukki Garlands
  • Making of Quiling works (Ear ring , Cards)
  • Kuntham work
  • Crystal work (ear ring, chain, Bracelet, Bangle)
  • Empose Painting work
  • Boque
  • Tailoring – Cutting
  • The Making of Phenol
  • The Making of Sabena powder
  • The Making of Computer Insane
  • Preparation of Rose Flower
  • Making of Areca leaf Sheath plate
  • Mani work ( Otiyanam Barathanatiyam set)

Festival brings unity among the students: it develops the sense of oneness, social skills, spiritual values, patriotism and other good qualities among the students. Irrespective of the caste, creed, religion and race, we are celebrating all sort of function like Christmas, Deepaavali, Pongal and National Functions like Independence Day, Republic Day etc.

To develop the good relationship between the teachers and the parents we conduct teachers and parents meeting every month as class wise and once in three months as school. Teachers and parents interactions are organized to discuss about the progress of the students and the development of the schools.