As abode where inmates of different religions, ages live untimely for a single cause – to learn. Indeed a hostel inculcates and develops the basic rudiments of society – to grow together, learn co-existence, support one another in all and every activity cultivate patience, compassion, empathy and brotherhood.

Precisely for cultivating these fabrics of life Vidivelli runs a hostel for these children of god. Our Hostel is a well planned lay out catering to specific needs of these children having around cots accommodated in 4 wings separately placed for boys and girl students. It has a spacious dining hall and a kitchen big enough to serve food for all the students at the same time. Hostel is managed by a warden who is assisted by suitable number of care takers. This facility is provided for the students aged between 5 and 15 years and who stay away from Trichy.

Their daily activity start with a nice bath, visit to a nearby temple and offering prayer to god. Have a good nutritious Breakfast and proceed to school Attend morning session with dedication, sumptuous lunch is followed. Go back to school at 1.30 and return to hostel at 4.00 pm. Have light snacks at hostel in the evening , playing to their hearts content in the adjoining park till 6.00pm.

After 6.00 finishing their they assemble and take dinner at 7.30pm The inmates then proceed to their designated cots and sleep. Regular attendance, cleanliness, academic skills and regular progress.