"VIDIVELLI means MORNING STAR" it symbolically represents the undying hope and bright future that the institution is going to provide for the poor downtrodden destitute mentally handicapped children. The celebration of the year of the DISABLED during the year 1981 inspired the good souls of the Parish Council of St. Joseph’s College church to do something concrete and meaningful to the disabled. Since the members of the Parish Council were not competent to do the work they approached the superior General of the congregation of the sisters of St. Anne of Tiruchirappli to initiate some programmed to commemorate the year assuring all possible support. The superior General read by consented to the suggestion since the congregation is already experienced in initiating several programmers for the benefit of the disabled and such programmed are in consonant with the objectives and dedication of the congregation.




We should create equal opportunities and rights to the person with disabilities, as given to other citizens and also provide necessary training and Rehabilitation service to the mentally challenged Persons to make them maximum independent in their every life aspects.


To make sure that the persons with disabilities are given priority in every sphere and to make the disabled a perfect citizen and to mainstream with the society, they are to be given proper basic education, special education. Life training, vocational training, employment opportunity, discipline, personality development etc.,


  • To serve the mentally challenged persons and promote their full development.
  • To train these persons in the practical activities of daily living and help them to become useful citizens.
  • To Provide shelter for the rejected destitute children and adults who are Mentally Challenged but, educable and or trainable.
  • To Train all categories of personnel for services to the mentally Challenged.
  • To undertake any training and production activities to equip the mentally Challenged persons with vocational and reductive skills for their rehabilitation And in the process earn income for the society always on the basis the such income will solely be used for the furtherance of the objects of the society.
  • To give equal opportunities to the persons with disabilities irrespective of their categories.


The target community with whom VIDIVELLI is concerned and interested with 150 Mentally Retarded Children of the both the sexes admitted as bonfires for their education and development as potential human beings and their parents. The Children are the direct beneficiaries their family members are indirect beneficiaries.

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